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ArtEZ Fashion Professorship

April 2020 - June 2020

A human pace brings its own kind of joy

A human pace brings its own kind of joy is part of a research internship at ArtEZ Fashion Professorship. During this internship, the idea was to expand the chapters of Dissolving the Ego of Fashion into several books, where this research would be part of. The research took place in context of the second theme of the book: Towards a redefined human-centered value system.  

A human pace brings its own kind of joy represents a research on what a human pace would mean for the fashion system and how this pace could be expressed. In the beginning of the corona crisis several statements were put forward by people in fashion who have been advocating that the fashion system needs to change, and how the corona crisis gives the opportunity to create another system. This also lies at the core of this research as I investigated the statement ‘I hope we will move towards a human pace in the system’ by Rinke Tjepkema, Editor-in-Chief of the Dutch Vogue. While reading this, I asked myself: ‘But what does a human pace mean? How could it be expressed? And could a human pace be a solution to the fashion industry’s problems?’

This research reflected on the concept of time in fashion, and how our definition of time results in a focus on the end product as oppose to the (making) process, an ever-growing speed of this process, and defined concepts of the ‘new’ and the ‘old’. Whereas a human pace means other essential principles on which the industry can be build: a renewed focus on the process of making, spending time on this process as well as another, more blended, approach towards the ‘old’ and the ‘new’.

The research is published on the website of ArtEZ Fashion Professorship in the form of an essay, which can be read here.