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ArtEZ Fashion Professorship

February 2021

A sonic perspective on fashion

Wearing Sound: Foundations of Sonic Design is the title of Vidmina Stasiulyte PhD dissertation, which she successfully defended on Friday December 11, 2020 at the University of Borås. Danielle Bruggeman was opponent and discussion leader during the PhD defense, and as part of the Fashion Professorship I reflected on this. 

Stasiulyte’s research revises fashion by approaching it from a different perspective wherein sound is considered not as a negative aspect but as a potential source of a new theory and facilitator of the evolution of new methods. Sound is thus presented not as a secondary quality of designed objects, but as the main idea-generator. The research opens new avenues for design thinking with ears rather than eyes. Fashion is explored from the perspective of listening rather than seeing, sounding rather than showing, and is a form of rethinking and redefining fashion.

In the article, I explore what fashion would look like from a sonic perspective. I reflect on the reversed roles of the visual and sound in Stasiulyte’s designs, and how it leads to another approach of fashion. I argue how this refreshing perspective on fashion can lead to a more inclusive and emphatic approach. 

Interested in the article? It can be read here.