writer, researcher on fashion

‘Lindy, what will be the next trend?’, ‘are you going to be a fashion designer?’ and ‘what colour should I wear next season?’ These are just a couple of common questions I receive when I mention my background in BA Fashion & Management and MA Fashion Strategy, and these type of questions always cause a friction.

The aesthetics of fashion were never my sole interest, as I believe there is much more to it. By investigating the complex role of fashion in our day-to-day lives, I unravel the seams of the fashion system. My aim is to provide a critical view on fashion, and to create an in-depth understanding about the systemics of fashion amongst the wider audience by researching, writing and speaking about this. 

My perspective lies at the core of several fashion research projects I conducted or participated in. These projects were conducted for ArtEZ Fashion Professorship and Amnesty International. Additionally, my work is published in ArtEZ Fashion Professorship, Culture.Fashion and Warehouse.