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A Magazine Reader 04         
November 2019

The Bodies in the Background

A Magazine Reader 04 is the result of A Magazine Reader workshop with the students of MA Fashion Strategy generation 29 of the ArtEZ University of the Arts: Charlotte Verdegaal, Eliza Lachkova, Julia Berg, Lindy Boerman, Lu Lin, Sophia Buter, Tanya Lauwanichpat. A Magazine Reader 04 is developed under the guidance of Chet Bugter, Femke de Vries and Hanka van der Voet. In this workshop, ELLE UK from November 2019 is dissected, critically analyzed and put together again in an alternative form to provide insight into the cultural power and forms of value production that is at the core of fashion media.

This Magazine Reader issue revolves around the role of the body and its representation in the fashion magazine. Through re-reading we explore how, as a reader, your body interacts with the materiality and content of the magazine.

The bodies in the background were my focus during this workshop, and I started with the question: ‘what would text and image look like when the bodies in the background are placed in the center?’ By creating film scripts, a critical essay and close-ups of the existing images of the bodies in the background, they shift from being the McGuffins of fashion – an object that everyone who’s involved in the making process thinks about, but which the audience doesn’t notice – to the main bodies the story now revolves around.

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