writer, researcher on fashion

ArtEZ Fashion Professorship

June 2020

Fashion in times of the coronacrisis,
and post-crisis

Daniëlle Bruggeman and Hanka van der Voet, from ArtEZ Fashion Professorship, started an ongoing conversation about fashion in times of the corona crisis (and post-crisis). What is the impact of the corona crisis on the fashion system? What is the relevance of fashion today? What is at stake? How could - or should - fashion play a role in re-imagining our post-crisis society? And how does this all relate to Dissolving the Ego of Fashion?

This ongoing conversation invited several participants to engage, share their thoughts and critical perspectives. For the fourth letter in this ingoing conversation, I was invited by Emma Disbergen. Within my feature, I reflected on society’s as well as fashion’s speed, argued what a human pace would mean for the fashion system, and I shared my battle with the dual sides that fashion represents to me: pleasure and pain. I invited Femke de Vries to include her ideas, views and perspectives in this ongoing conversation. 

My entire letter can be found here, and all contribution to the ongoing conversations can be found here.