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December 2020

In Fashion the ‘We’ is Key

This article is created within the framework of Culture.Fashion, which is an open, value driven network that is moving towards a future proof fashion sector in the Netherlands. To showcase a wider variety of voices, Culture.Fashion invites various contributors to reflect on certain events within the Dutch fashion industry.

See Through Fashion was the theme of The Fair Fashion Fest 2020 in Ghent. As part of this event, dr. Aurélie Van de Peer interviewed dr. Daniëlle Bruggeman about the topic of emotional durability during the Fair Fashion Talks, and this interview lies at the base of Reflections #2.

For this reflection, I concentrated on a specific and renewed approach towards fashion. An approach that counteracts how fashion currently functions, but is crucial if we want to bring change to this polluting, excluding and harmful industry: collaborating. I argue how the time of solely critiquing fashion’s ego is over, ‘we’ need to come up with alternative systems and approaches to move towards fashion’s eco. The ‘we’ is key, so let’s do it together!

The complete article can be read here. This reflection is part of one joint document where all the reflections and dialogues are included of the year 2020, visible here.