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January 2021

The ‘New’ isn’t Chic, or is it?

This article is created within the framework of Culture.Fashion, which is an open, value driven network that is moving towards a future proof fashion sector in the Netherlands. To showcase a wider variety of voices, Culture.Fashion invites various contributors to reflect on certain events within the Dutch fashion industry.

The event for this reflection was Fashion for Good x Redress, where the focus was on the question: ‘How can we design differently?’ It was an online panel discussion moderated by journalist Susie Lau in conversation with Redress founder Christina Dean, designer Gönül Yiğit and designer Duran Lantink.

For reflections #5, I was invited to reflect on this online panel discussion. I focused on the ‘new’ in this contribution, how the ‘new’ is currently defined by fashion and how the participants each gave another and renewed meaning to the word ‘new’ in fashion with their ideas and perspectives. A ‘new’ that is a problem solver, as oppose to the dirty, producing and current new.

The complete reflection can be read here. This reflection is part of one joint document where all the reflections and dialogues are included of the year 2020, visible here.